Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pax Christi: Leading students astray?

One of the student religious organizations at Holy Cross is that of Pax Christi.

Pax Christi is organized at Holy Cross in order to promote peace and justice. Nationally, Pax Christi also claims they are an organization committed to peace and nonviolence. Yet their involvement in the election this past November makes it seem as though they serve as a front for Catholic confusion on essential moral teachings. In fact, they put their pursuit of peace and justice at odds with other Catholicism, and claim that Catholics ought to look at 'other issues' other than a 'single-issue' they don't name, but is easily understood as abortion.

Several of the students involved with Pax Christi at Holy Cross don't even refer to themselves as Catholic. There's an Episcopalian, a "transcendentalist mystic", a self-described "whatever" and one who qualifies their Catholicism with an amendment: "Catholic - Jesuit" to their identity. This ought not be blown up to be more than it is, but at some level certainly represents the way in which traditional Catholicism is held as not representative of these "social justice" concerns. And it presents students with false choices, that their legitimate concern for the poor has to come at the cost of supporting poor women who are sadly considering abortion. Mother Theresa said it best, that it is poverty that a child must die so that we can live as we wish. Poor women don't need abortion, poor women need the financial and emotional support to choose life. Barack Obama, whom they are tacitly building support for through mitigating the importance of life, has pledged to remove all regulations on abortion which will increase both the number of abortions and the abortion rate. Obama's economic policies are sure to deepen economic problems, just as the New Deal worsened the Depression, so he will not help the poor either.

And instead of opposing war and racism, Pax Christi instead spent most of their time in the past election cycle confusing Catholic voters as to what Catholic teaching involved. Certainly there are moral responsibilities to the poor and to prevent racism, but the moral wrong of abortion is unlike any other moral question. Pax Christi's handout "Life does not begin at birth" is pretty obvious that it intends to mitigate the moral wrong of abortion. The flyer even comically repeats the lie that 700,000 civilians have died in the Iraq war. Every death is tragic, but it seems quite odd that Pax Christi would resort to these lies in order to confuse people about the 1,500,000 abortions in America happen every year.

Pax Christi seems to be actively promoting confusion and sowing division within the Church and the Catholic community.

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